Shanghai Disneyland
CHINA: 2012 – 2016

Birkdale provided horticultural and project management services and installation training for the joint venture between the Shanghai Government and the Disney Corporation.

Shanghai Disneyland

HONG KONG: 2002 – 2006

Disneyland Hong Kong engaged Birkdale in an extensive range of landscape services over the park’s three year construction programme from 2002-2005

Dancing Mushrooms
Streblus asper being prepared in Thailand; Streblus asper planted in Disneyland Hong Kong
Elephant Topiary

Sourcing and supply of plants from Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, China and the Philippines - over 3 million shrubs and 5,000 mature trees - including specialist plants such as topiary plant sculptures, 20 x 12m bottletrees from the Australian outback and 84 matched 12m Phoenix canariensis palms, the latter being for the main entrance. From Thailand alone, over 670 tropical and equatorial trees (up to 12m tall) and 25,000 shrubs (up to 1.5m tall) were sourced. This was a world first in terms of scale and quantities of trees and inter-country quarantine cooperation.

Logistical management of sea freight including 800 x 40'sea containers of trees, palms, shrubs and ground covers as well as air freight of delicate plant species from Australia and Thailand. 

Phytosanitary preparation and international plant quarantine procedures to meet Hong Kong government requirements.

Installed 4,500 trees,300,000 shrubs, 20,000 aquatic plants and 15 hectares of turf.

On site liaison with landscape architects, landscape contractors, project managers, administrative staff, safety officers and government inspectors.

An Integrated Pest Management Program (IPM) which involved diagnosis and identification of pest and diseases, selection and implementation of treatment strategies, monitoring and progress reports, and staff training.

Supplied, laid and maintained the Seashore Paspalum turf for the two little league Baseball Fields that were used for the Asia Pacific Little league Playoffs. 

Installing Brachychiton rupestris (Bottle Trees) from Australia